Download the program You can at this link: Targets Download

The program Goal is for: 1. Accounting contacts (relations). For that would effectively lead to communication with others, you need to keep track of contacts. Using the system You can: 1. To analyze what actions lead You to the desired result (increase in the service, purchase of the goods, the love affair) 2. You can always see what You did for a man and what he has done for You. 3. You can find approach to any, if all actions are recorded and analyzed. In fields are added: number, name, date of birth, date of acquaintance, contact type (recorded from directories), the aim of exploring, loyalty. Next is the detail table «Contacts» It added: the date of the contact, content and results, just added monthly and annual reports are allocated in a different color. They can be grouped and analyzed. accounting contacts 2. Accounting purposes. To achieve their goals, you also need to keep records of them. You can: keep a daily report on the work done, to analyze what actions lead You to success, With the help of the program You can get as intermediate (mini goals)and global goals (one year, 10 years, etc). The program keeps records in a powerful and reliable system database (firebird). Therefore, the database can be limited only by the capacity of Your hard drive. In the table «Goal» is added: the number, description, date of onset, date achievement, percent complete Detail table: date, content, identification (will be filled in when you enter a monthly or annual report, as well as is highlighted) Accounting purposes 3. Home bookkeeping. Accounting: revenue, expenses, credits and deposits. You can set financial goals and achieve them, as well as accounting in various currencies, to make reports and much more. In this tab is more tables. The movement of funds: Columns: Date, Income, Consumption, Description Click: «Add» If You want to add revenue enter a positive number if you want to add consumption, the negative. After you enter the information from the directory, by clicking on the arrow and then on the box, or enter the information manually. Debts: Columns: Date, The Debt, Given That Description Move: Here You can add purses and do move between them For example: from card to transfer money in a purse or with one card to another. Columns: Objectives: Here, You can record data about the material purposes Columns: Name, Amount, start date, end date For example, You want to buy a car and every month You enter data for a paid cash Columns: Accumulation Loans/deposits Accounting of income and expenses 4. Reminders. Organizer thing not interchangeable. He will always remind you about important events and You will always be able to see the history of reminders. 5. Creating reports You will always be able to analyze: — Loyalty — Revenues and expenses — Goals Each month, and year You will summarize the goals and targets. The results are highlighted in blue. Any entry you can edit or delete. You can change the size and font color. In the column settings You can edit the title of the table and hide them. Reference books. In this table are recorded information, which may happen for example: in the incomes and expenditures of «food», or persons «friend», etc. Download the program Goals By default there are two user: Login: Admin password: 1 (full access) Login: User1 password: 123 (limited rights) You can add and remove users, edit their rights, to set the password You can also download the mini version of the program: Purpose System requirements: 1. The processor with clock frequency of 300 MHz or higher. The more the better. 2. RAM 256 MB (Windows XP) or more. 3. Hard disk space of 10 MB 4. Platform Windows operating system (OS) — any Windows least Windows 2000 Download the program You can at this link: Targets

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