Want to learn how in just 12 steps to achieve your goal?

Want to learn how in just 12 steps to achieve your goal? The author of this simple but effective dvenadtsatichasovoe system – Brian Tracy. He has more than 25 years and is a recognized leader in the study of the problems of success and personal achievements. His track record includes published 26 books and more than 300 training programs, translated into different languages of the world. One of the leading speakers and experts in the field of business, Brian Tracy has performed more than two thousand times in front of large audiences. How to achieve my goals in 12 steps How to achieve goals in just 12 steps – here is what offers us Brian Tracy in his dvenadtsatichasovoe system is simple and efficient, and striking in its simplicity, even the greatest skeptics. Constantly performing these 12 steps, you can become and achieve what you think, and much faster than any other way. This system will take you abstract from uncertainty to absolute clarity. You will always get a treadmill that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. How to achieve your goal How to achieve goals So, First step: Call desire – a strong, strong desire. Desire is our motivational force that overcomes our fears. Any of our decision will be taken on the basis of either fear or desire. The more we talk about their desires, the faster they become strong and push aside our fears. As a result, our burning desire allows you to rise above their fears, and moves us forward, overcoming obstacles. You all know about my strong and burning desire? What is it? It must be personal, even selfish. Any greatest achievements began with a definition of true desires. Second step: we Need to develop a belief. We need to be confident in the possibility of reaching our goal. If this confidence is not there yet, it is necessary to develop and strengthen. If the targets are large and require considerable effort to achieve, don’t try to do too much too quickly. Need a solid and sturdy confidence that continuing to do the desired action, you will be able to attract the resources needed to achieve the goal. Step three: Write it down. This is the simplest action that not all of us do. Already a million times and it was discussed that the goals not written down are just wishes and our fantasies. If you write down a goal on paper, it is then possible to take in hand, to touch, to consider. Just imagine, we take the desire out of our consciousness and being converted into such a form that it is something you can do. Write the goal on paper and turn on the mechanism of success at full power! Fourth step: Make a list of all the benefits. Benefits will strengthen our desires and move us forward. Need to make a list of all the advantages that you will get as a result of achieving the goal. The larger the list, the stronger our resolve and motivation. Very easy to lose presence of mind, if something goes wrong. If you recorded 30 advantages, it is safe to say that you will overcome all obstacles. Fifth step: Determine your starting position.

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