Personal growth

Personal growth and self-development are pretty generalized concepts that describe all the positive changes taking place in man. This kind of final result, affecting how the processes that occur within and arise through the influence of environmental factors. Therefore, the formation of the personality can be classified on several grounds:

age personal result and achievement.
social result generated due to influence from the outside;
Social work, help people self-actualize and self-improvement.
It is not always clear what was the place to be: the formation of the personality, its development, transformation or formation, but in certain situations it is possible to say that the result is still achieved. So from the above options did not happen, in any case, strengthening the “core” happened that influenced the development of personality and creativity, and hence on the person’s ability to expand your inner world and better to control my destiny.

“What is hidden under the concept of “personal growth”? When people have more interests are and incentives for life. It makes sense, the ability to analyze, to separate a single from the whole, to recognize the relationships of events and phenomena, to understand others and to hear their inner self. The goal of personal development is the ability to forgive, to be internally free and independent man, who is responsible for what he does and is doing. If You live in harmony with the world, by people and with them, the work will not keep you waiting” – pondered this question C. L. levy.

Main features of personal growth: stages, direction, intensity, degree and scale.

The stages. The fundamental result of human development is socialization. Moreover, the socialization must undergo several logical stages: from baby to someone with experience with their individual psychological traits.

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